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Mobil Travel Guide, originator of the Mobil Five-Star ratings program and certifications, first unveiled its list of Mobil Four- and Five-Star hotels and restaurants in 2007. For the first time in Mobil Travel Guide’s 49 years of evaluating hotels and restaurants, a Las Vegas hotel, The Tower Suites at Wynn Las Vegas, earned a Mobil Five-Star rating. Four other hotels and three restaurants also are new additions to the Mobil Five-Star category. The complete list of Mobil Star award winners and updated, comprehensive reviews written by Mobil Travel Guide’s experts are available exclusively at

  • Lead developer for content management of the new Mobil Travel Guide website.
  • Designed and implemented  loaders to migrate data from Oracle to MYSQL to improve  page load times
  • Developed code to mimic functionality of the original Mobil Travel Guide site in PHP.

April 5, 2017


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