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Chicago Public Library

Chicago Public Library. The more than 70 locations of the Chicago Public Library are at the forefront of providing innovative library services, technologies and tools Chicagoans need to achieve their personal goals and to establish the City’s role as a competitive force in the global marketplace. Since 1989, the City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Library have opened 59 new or renovated neighborhood libraries — unprecedented public library growth. These new libraries are that special third place — beyond home and work — where people come to improve their lives, nourish their intellect or simply to be entertained. The library is where people of all ages and backgrounds gather freely. Through its rich and current book collections, state of the art technology and cultural and public partnerships, the Chicago Public Library is a thriving, engaged leader in Chicago’s diverse neighborhoods.

Although the Chicago Public Library has changed dramatically since its beginnings in an abandoned water tower after the Great Chicago Fire, its mission has remained constant:

  • Started integration of the Chicago Public Library’s vast content into the Collage CMS ColdFusion application.
  • Created scripts that dynamically generated xml files from the body and meta data tags throughout the various micro-sites in the library’s website.

April 5, 2017


Coldfusion, SQL Server, Web Development