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HowStuffWorks Consumer Guide Auto

  • Technical Development Lead for the following projects-
    • ConsumerGuide Auto
      • Lead analyst and developer for the entire Auto site How Stuff Worksconversion and update.
      • Delivered projects weeks ahead of schedule.
      • Lead developer for content management.
      • Designed and implemented  loaders to migrate data from Oracle to MYSQL
      • Developed code to mimic functionality of the original MobilTravelGuide site in PHP.
    • ConsumerGuide Products
      • Lead web analyst planning migration from existing 3rd party application architecture to PHP and mySQL
      • Developed interface to productsAPI.
      • Created promotion scripts required for daily and weekly site updates.
      • Handled  over 150 bugs prior to being re-allocated to work on the site.
    • Consumer Guide Vehicle History Report
  • Expanded internal bug and project tracking system to compensate for the merger of How Stuff Works and ConsumerGuide.
  • Assisted with the data architecture design for the current sites.

April 5, 2017


MySQL, Oracle, PHP