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Consumer site redesign to version 4.
ColdFusion 5 & XML Interaction and Integration
Developed custom software for better error reporting.
Daily tasks include the identification and correction of any errors that appear on the site, as well as the development of site-wide code enhancements.
Lead the technical effort in migrating from ColdFusion 4.5 to ColdFusion 5.0.
Developed an efficient JAVA application to parse XML files and return the result in a format that ColdFusion is able to interact with.
Developed a bug identification and correction methodology for dealing with all site issues that were reported.
Configured StarTeam by StarBase for sources code control and code management.
Quickly became technical lead for all site issues as well as bug fixes
Designed and implemented a site stabilization strategy.
Created an e-Newsletter system using ColdFusion and Oracle 8.0
Developed quick, effective solutions for complex site-wide problems.
Designed and developed a ColdFusion error-log parser and reporting tool.


April 5, 2017


Coldfusion, e-Commerce, Marketing, Oracle, SQL Server, Web Development